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Dutch tulips

You knew that for Persian the flower of the tulip it represents passion? They count the legend, that it does many centuries back, Farhad, a Persian young person lost was enamored with a girl of his town that was called Shirin. As well, Shirin that was a young gorgeous maid, corresponded to that one feeling towards the young lover. They lived secretly loving itself until a day while Farhad, when it fulfilled its workings daily, was notified of the death of the young person at the hands of a stranger. Farhad, destroyed by the news, that in fact, turned out to be lie, took its horse and rode until sending itself by an abyss to commit suicide. Of its wounds the blood began to drip creating a pool in the ground and of this scattered blood, it brought forth a tulip and from that moment, this flower symbolized the perfect love.

For Dutch the history of the tulip she is not so romantic, but for that reason less nonpeculiar. The flower of the tulip arrived at Holland around century XVII, thanks to the botanist Carlous Clusius. This illustrious man went into in his laboratory to make experiments with the beautiful flowers, without showing to him anybody his new treasures. This fact created everything I pull ahead of mystery and untied the hysteria of the town to obtain so appraised tulips. It was as well as they robbed of the study of the botanist just the arrivals and mystics flowers, until she was scattered by all the city of Leiden, exposing itself for its sale with exorbitant prices.

Today happily the tulips already have lowered of price but they continue being equal of beautiful like in the old woman times. It is around the month of January that begins to bring forth the colorful bellboys in Holland and its development lasts approximately until the month of April, date in which the tulips are in all their splendor and color the fields creating an extraordinary landscape. As peculiar data we informed to you that nowadays Holland is the main exporter of tulips in the world. You knew it? …

The zone in which better this flower is cultivated is called by Dutch the Blloembollenstreek, that lodges around 30 kilometers of worked earth. In addition they own a small museum, where the people attend to know more on the history of the tulip and to observe their different species. One is the Museum de ZwarteTulp. You cannot stop knowing it.

As you will know the tulips are a symbol in Holland, but not only you will be enchanted with its vision during your trip to this country, remembers that also you will find with fascinating places to know.

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