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Fortified Heusden and its monuments

Heusden is a municipality of Southern Holland, located in the neighborhoods of the city of' s-Hertogenbosch. Located to borders of the Maas river, it has a history that goes back to century XIII of ours was.

The first vestiges of the city were in fact the fortification that was elevated to replace to the old castle, that had been destroyed in 1202 by the Duke of Brabant.

Especially thanks to the works dedicated to the containment of waters of the river, the strength expanded with speed, and 1318 it already became a city with own rights, with the name of Heusden.

The castle happened at the hands of the counts of Holland in 1357, and just a short time later it became a deprived residence, without defensive functions in spite of his imposing engineering.

Paradoxicalally, it was partly by the force of the nature that the castle was destroyed. A ray fell on an immense propellent charge, doing it to explode with such violence that until today the place never was reconstructed completely. In spite of this, by the end of the' 80 restoration works were realized that gave back good part to him of their old majesty.

Twenty years before it, the works of reconstruction of the city, dedicated to recover the lost thing after World War II, had like scene privileged to the three mills that sometimes comprised of the walls of the city.

Basically, the task consisted in the first place of returning them to its original location, and soon beginning to recover them by the serious damages that had suffered. Next to them, the walls, the channels and the bastions were rebuilt, returning to the city something of their aspect as was known it in century XVI.

A total of 134 monuments was entered in that then, and until today that number is a true pride for Heusden.

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