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Beaches of Noordwijk aan EEZ

Noordwijk is a city of the province of Southern Holland, in the western region of the Netherlands. It is a site that abounds in interesting strolls, so that today we will make a brief route to know some his more outstanding attractions.

The town of Noordwijk aan EEZ, in Noordwijk, was a founded fishing population around year 1200. During years, the fishing went what maintained to its population. Nowadays, its main industry is the tourism, due to the fantastic beaches that border their coast. Kilometers of sand extend to where it reaches the view, bathed by waters with a perfect surge to surfear. Navigation and the diving are other very popular activities in the zone.

Noordwijk-Binnen is, along with Noordwijk aan EEZ, the other population that part of the city of Noordwijk forms. It is worth the pain to observe his magnificent green belt, constituted by kilometers of floral fields, in which they emphasize the emblematic tulips, national symbol of Holland.

A infaltable visit is the one that can be realized to the Space Expo - it is to say, the Exhibition of the Space. This museum of space spreading was first of its type in Europe, and arose like initiative of the European Space Agency.

There scale models, photos, illustrations of colossal dimensions and projections that show two astronauts experimenting with the consequences of the low gravity, in international the space station can be observed.

At the time of eating, Noordwijk very offers a variable range of national and international gastronomy. They emphasize especially French, Italian, Chinese and indoneses the restaurants, and many of them count live on spectacles of typical music. Doubt does not fit: the diversion is assured.

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    27-07-2008 @ 12:29 p.m.

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