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Fitworld, nudist gymnasium

Few sites less tourist than the gymnasiums. Safe for the fanatics, to attend a gymnasium during a pleasure trip it could be interesting, inconvenient and little even ridiculous: but it is not this case.

Fitworld is a very peculiar place, that although it is not catalogued like of tourist interest, surely attracts the attention of many travellers. Located to only 95 kilometers of Amsterdam, it is a true peculiarity.

It does some time already, Sundays are the nudist days in this premises. From first “Sunday without clothes?, several questions considered between the habitual ones of the place. We see of what the proposal goes and how solution occurred to the reclamations.

Patrick de Man, his proprietor and ideologist, was inspired by his char them with two nudist clients who concurred frequently to the gymnasium of the locality of Heteren. From the beginning, the objective went to spend a day to the week to the practice of nudismo.

Of immediate way, the number of partners of the gymnasium increased of overwhelming way. Although the majority of the clients expressed that it preferred to realize physical activity with clothes (something for anything strange), the proposal had very good welcome.

Surplus to say that the proposal received opinions in all the senses. To favor, it was the Federation of Naturistas of Holland, that supported the initiative and helped to its diffusion between the members of the organization.

In opposite sense, the traditional clients of the gymnasium (that is to say, who are not nudist) presented/displayed their sorrows to the owner of the premises, particularly with respect to the hygiene.

In order to dissipate doubts about the salubrity of the machines after each nudist session, a series was had disposable covers, very useful to apparatuses as the bicycles (do not make lack majors explanations, truth).

Practical information

  • Address: P v M Gelderland Blauw 8/C - 6666 LR Heteren

Photo via: Nothing to do with Arbroath

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  1. : -) That peculiar is east country! By so many things!
    Thanks for info M.Jose!

    Commentary by Yourtuliptour
    09-02-2009 @ 9:56 p.m.

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