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The Dutch territory is level… very level. Except for some destinies privileged by its irregular land, like Limburg of the South and the neighborhoods of Nijmegen, generally all the country is characterized for being a plain, and where there are hills is unthinkable there to find a high mountain rocky.

All this comes to collation because in Holland there is dólmenes. Caray, that interesting, and what has to do? Since, until recently, the origin of these stone giants was a great mystery, that weigh tons and they could not be transported from long distances - with much facility, to less by human will.

The explanation is convincing. Dólmenes did not arrive by earth, but by water. These monolithic monuments of the prehistory come from the Scandinavian Peninsula. During the era glacier, the smooth movements realized by the immense icy patches caused that the granite stones were transported course to the European continent.

All of them paused in the province of Drenthe, where dólmenes are 52 altogether. Other two went to stop to Groningen. At present, a radius of 30 kilometers is hardly the scene in which are these monuments of 20 tons, at least.

More than 5000 years of they have them to antiquity with I pull ahead that respect inspires. But it was not exactly thus for the inhabitants of the region in year 3450 before of Christ. Happened hunters farmers, were themselves forced to construct enclosures where to keep its harvests. And, whereupon to do it? …

Sure, with good dólmenes. Although their original producers had thought a very different destiny for these mortuary monuments, that were in fact tablets of colossal proportions, the new owners of stones decided to make of grain them and houses.

At present, one is them distributed in a small area that can be crossed in search of these magnificent prehistoric monuments, that are invaluables jewels of archeology. That yes, you do not forget to keep a map.

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