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Bicycles of load. Thus it could be defined to bakfiets, that today they are current currency in the streets of the great cities of Holland. These vehicles were created by a familiar company, Of Fietsfabriek, founded on 2003.

Their owners are two immigrants, one American and another Turk, who designed means of comfortable transport, practical and that he has acquired great popularity between the Dutch. And all this, although at the outset one watched them with something of distrust.

The great advantage of bakfiets is that they allow to transfer in his front part from the bags of the supermarket to the children who travel with their parents. Kind to the strong cycling tradition of the country, their inventors added to major space without the requirements of a car. Neither gasoline, nor an expensive maintenance, nor the place necessary to keep it either: nothing of that is present at the time of choosing bakfiet. In Amsterdam, or it can be seen thousands using these bicycles of load, especially of way to the school of the children, or of return course to the work.

The wood box located to the front counts on safety rings that offer subjection on three axes smallest. In addition, the system of lights facilitates the circulation by the great large cities. With a capacity of up to 150 kilos of weight, these vehicles go up to around a price near the 1500 € in the Dutch market. Although, clearly, safe for those who they live in Holland, it does not have sense to spend in obtaining one of these comfortable transports.

Then this is solved easily: at present, and due to the arrasadora popularity that they have had, services of rent of Bakfiets exist, by far success between the tourists.

For more information about rent of bakfiets, the official page can be visited (in four languages).

Photo Via: The Goat - Backcountry

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