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Arriving at Nijmegen

Landscape near Nijmegen

It is certain that all we thought about Holland like a plain country vast, great part of them located below the level of the sea and gained to the water thanks to the incredible escuerzos realized by the Dutch through the years. Good example of it is the numerous mills that inhabit the region, like those of Kinderdijk, that are Patrimony of the Humanity.

Nevertheless, it is moment for watching the other flank of Dutch geography. The lovers of the winding senderismo, will not have why to become bored in territories of Holland. Limburg and Nijmegen are two sites where the hills dominate the landscape, and only most adventurous they will dare to cross these places on foot.

The most southern point of Holland, Limburg of the South, is a place where the land is mountainous of principle to aim. Although work costs to believe it, the views most characteristic of this zone are the mountain forests, the geographic features, the deep valleys, the streams surrounded by elevations of much vegetation and the rivers that zigzag in this panorama.

Four routes signalized for the travellers allow to discover the natural wonders of the region without fear to lose itself. And black yellow, blue, green, red signals lead to the adventurers of return to the beginning point, through footpaths that have an average of 4 kilometers in length.

In order to help the route, the tourist information bureaus among others sell topographic maps of the province, that include cities like Valkenburg, the Maastricht, Vaals and Gulpen. This way, it is possible to combine the circuits to enjoy the best thing of each them. And if in addition you find good lodging in economic hotels in which to do night, as much better.

Nijmegen is another one of the mountainous destinies of Holland. The city is in the province of Gelderland, and to the east of there, near the border with Germany, the landscape is also of hills, profuse forests and traditional pueblitos like Groesbeek, Berg in Dal and Beek.

Also senderismo routes exist here, most famous of which it is Zevenheuveelnweg (the way of seven mountains). So interesting they are the routes, that during the month of July become the scene of the International Marches of Four Days, the greatest event of his type anywhere in the world.

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