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exotica dancing

In the Syriana restaurant, day 6 of December, a usual event in charge of Expatica will be developed little. As of the 20 hours, a red carpet will give the welcome to the guests, so that they attend a dinner to the best style of the Arab royalty. Reclined on cushions, they will enjoy most delicious traditional plates in which one will occur to call Thousands and the One Nights.

Burbujeante drink and a spectacle of Arab dance that it will initiate to the 21 hours is part of the program. During that time, the relaxed atmosphere and the cold sandwiches will do possible to make contact with enemy with the other guests and to know people new. For it, hourly the seats will be moved of place, and thus it will be changing the company.

At the 22 hours the moment arrives from hot plates. Keppes (meatballs of wheat and meat), sarmá (stuffed leaves of vine with meat and rice), fatay (Arab pasties of meat), triangulitos and coils of stuffed mass phila of sesame, cheese, vegetable, poppy or eggplant is some of more typical main prescriptions.

After a new change in the disposition of the seats, the moment arrives from the dessert. Heriese will use, a cake of the Coco with almonds that reunites the flavors characteristic of the Arab kitchen. And, after that, a game in group will be the best way to strengthen bows with the just well-known ones, to the rate of regional music.

The possible maximum of guests for this event is of 100 people, and the places will confirm previous payment. So that, not to doubt it, and if in the first week of December it more finds you near Amsterdam, this it is the moment for registering itself: Expatica - Thousand and One Nights.

The price is of 80 € and includes dinner, free drink until the 23,30 hours and digital photos. The duration of the event will be of a little more than four hours, from the 20 to spent the average night.

Good, because you already know; if you are thinking about organizing your trips to Amsterdam for this bridge of December, this one that we offer to you is an exclusive and very original activity.

Photo Via: The DC Traveler

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