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Geldersepoort, or Gelder Poort, is an area on the margins of the Rhine river, where this one is abre in the Waal rivers, Rhine low and Ijssel. In the past, the mining and agriculture were the main activities, in spite of the constant problems that caused rains and the consequent ascent of waters.

Even near cities, like Arnhem, Nijmegen and Emmerich saw be in danger their territories before the situation, more and more burdens, of the floods in the region. For this reason, diverse nongovernmental and dependant organizations of the Dutch government were decided to find a solution for these earth and their inhabitants.

In collaboration with the people of the place, she managed herself to increase the green territory next to the course of the river, by means of the extraction of the underlying clay. The natural extensions took terrain in case single, and soon the floods were thing of the past.

At present, the tourism has been increased of surprising way, thanks to the infrastructure planned for the region. Hotels, coffees, restaurants, services of trains and buses: many of new them, but also many existing ones were renewed.

As it is to imagine, besides being a charming place, Geldersepoort is a symbol of fight and priority of the nature. This aspect cannot be left of side by the experts in tourism, so that it is an essential part than it occurs to know the zone those who arrives at her to enjoy vacations outdoors.

The Wilderness Coffee is good example of it: there the most typical gastronomy can be tasted and delicious of the region, while his owner, a specialist in ecology, flatters to his clients with the most recent information about the state of the region and its natural areas. In addition, many of the guided circuits initiate in this point, and the coffee usually is scene of the events and celebrations of Geldersepoort.

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