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Christmas in Gouda

Christmas in Gouda

The celebrations of year end already approach, and to know the traditions a country with respect to its celebrations is an excellent way to put itself to tone with the local customs before giving a stroll that way. As much in Christmas as in the welcome of the year that begins, the Dutch are very respectful of their rites: we see of what some of them consist.

In Holland, Christmas begins to plan itself with much anticipation. At the beginning of November the markets already begin to see themselves outdoors in the streets and the places, that abound in Christmas articles to decorate the home, to buy like gifts and to enjoy in family.

The traditional trees fill the cities, lighting systems with lights that tintinean night and day, and that ignites a very cosy Christmas atmosphere during the weeks near the great event of the arrival of Sinterklaas (San Nicholas).

The customs in Holland indicate that the days of 26 celebration are the 25 and - opposite to which it happens in some places, in which it is celebrated from the 24 and until the 25 of December. Some remain in house and others leave to enjoy at night in the biggest cities.

In the home and with the family, the tradition indicates that the 25, the breakfast be served in a table adorned with candles. Bread with you happen and grazes of almonds are the infaltables ingredients. At night, the main plate par excellence is the rabbit with cabbage lombarda, although at present it is more common that stuffed turkey with puree uses as chestnuts.

In the last night of the year, the spectacles multiply in theaters and cinemas, and also in numerous restaurants that offer traditional show with dinner and plates. In these dates they oilebollen, them are the infaltables guests, and they are begun to sell in street positions from November.

A final advice: you will have to look for your hotels in Holland with advance enough, (as well as the one that agrees to you more between the flights to Amsterdam, for example), because in these dates the prices not only are more expensive, but, in addition, usually they are high seasons and to be full. So you already know: you enjoy the dates and you choose that precious sensation to know how it is Christmas elsewhere of the world.

Photo Via: Go Amsterdam

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