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Sinter Klaas

Sinterklaas in its cavalcade by the city

Surely there are many things that to envy to him to Holland. Charming landscapes, castles of dream, ingrained traditions and gastronomical delights by piles. But at these times, which more flame the attention of this country is that San Nicholas arrives at Amsterdam in November.

It is the third Saturday of the month - this year, will be the day 15 - that Sinterklaas disembarks near the church that takes its name, in a ship brings that it of Spain in company of its assistant, Zwarte Piet. An event without comparison is developed around its arrival.

More ahead, day 5 of December, the birth of San Nicholas is celebrated. It is then when the children of Holland decorate with treats the chimneys of their houses, to give the welcome to that will bring its gifts in occasion of its birthday. Of course, the adults also are united to the celebrations, and gifts are made maintaining cómplicemente the magic of the celebration.

All this event has its bases in the figure of San Nicholas de Bari, bishop of Sight in century IV. Just in century XVI the tradition expanded until these earth, since formerly only it took place in East Europe.

Nevertheless, already it existed in some cities, like Utrecht, the custom to place currencies in the shoes of the poor children, something that stayed and it was associated with this festival as soon as it obtained his importance in Holland. From century XV it was realized, the 5 of December, a collection on the part of the church in favor of the most needed.

Thus it was that, little by little, a foreign tradition was gaining space between the Dutch, and today is unthinkable this time of the year without the presence of San Nicholas. According to the custom, the gifts only can be given by a person after reciting a poem of their responsibility, which usually finishes in extremely humoristic scenes: like anywhere in the world, the poetic flight is not a gift given to the majority in Holland.

Photo Via: Héctor 624

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