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Known like the “gardens Europe?, the Keukenhof gardens are surely of most beautiful than they exist. Unmistakable by his shining colors, their natural variety of flowers and its landscapes, this year they celebrate his birthday number 60.

The origins of Keukenhof go back to year 1949, when a group of criadores and bulb exporter met to realize the first floral exhibition to the abierto air, in the locality of Lisse. Since then, the event became an annual custom, that received to million visitors every year.

Soon it was evident that this attraction deserved to be at the disposal of the public so that outside enjoyed at any time the year. Thus it was that, between Lisse and Hillegom, the Keukenhof gardens were based, that represent one of the emblems of Holland: the fields of flowers.

This year 2009, the sixtieth anniversary of the creation of Keukenhof will be reason for great celebrations. The thematic one that will unite to all the propose activities will be the relation between the United States and the Netherlands.

It will be necessary to remember that, in his beginnings, the city that today is well-known as New York received the name of the New Amsterdam. It was founded by Henry the Hudson on 1609, like representative of the Company of Western India. In spite of the name change, the connections between both countries are a constant in history.

It is for that reason that one of the new features that will present/display Keukenhof is a mosaic realized - from soon with diverse floral species. In him, the figure of the Statue of the Freedom, formed by more will be able to be observed than 25 thousand flowers.

Also numerous events, between which it emphasizes the inauguration of a garden of American style, through what will be organized the visitors will be discovering references to the thematic one of the anniversary. You do not let it pass and vetoes already reserving to flight and the lodging in some of the hotels in Amsterdam.

Practical information

  • Schedules: of the 19 of March to the 21 of May, every day from 8 to 19,30 hs.
  • Closing of the ticket office: 18 hs.

Popularity: 80% []

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    Commentary by FABIOLA
    03-10-2009 @ 2:25 p.m.

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