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Located in the province of Utrecht, to borders of the river Eem, Amersfoort it is a town with origins that go back a millenium almost back. With 134,904 inhabitants, it is the second city of the region, after the same Utrecht, that celebrates of capital of the region.

The valley of the Eem river and the valley of Gelder have in Amersfoort their economic and cultural center. There the more important educative establishments of the zone, great typical industrial plants of Holland and the greatest markets of the region work.

The first news that are had of this old town date from 1028, although it was not until 1259 that received its municipal statute. Already in that time, the activities productive and commercial were their basic characteristicses, and thanks to this it became member of Liga Hanseática.

In century XV, the walls that they protected to the medieval city began exceeded by the incipient growth of the large city. For this reason, between 1450 and 1561 a new walled enclosure was built, surrounded by a channel like its predecessor.

Today, the historical helmet of Amersfoort conserves all the beauty of the constructions of this time, as well as both ring of channels that mark historical happening of the city. It emphasizes here the Tower of Our Lady, with magnificent views on the set, and scene every Friday of the “concert? of the bells that lodges.

The church of San Joriskerk is another one of the architectonic jewels that inhabit the old part of Amersfoort. The Monastery of Marienhof is, in addition, a Cooking Museum that to the present time exhibits the evolution of the nutritional customs of the inhabitants of the region from the prehistory.

Other remarkable museums are the Flehite Museum, that dedicates of more general way to the history of the zone and the Cavalry Museum, with collections that approach the military development of Holland.

One of the pleasantest forms to know this city is to take a stroll in boat through the network from channels cross that it. This allows to have an ample panorama of all the town, and to relax with the swing of waters.

The circuits for bicycles are also very recommendable, for those who they especially wish to journey the natural landscapes of the region, between valleys, neighboring forests and towns.

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