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Located in the province of Northern Holland, the city of IJmuiden is one of more important the coastal tourist complexes of the country. Its infrastructure attracts every year numerous local travellers and of diverse points of Europe, that arrive to enjoy the nature and the urban supply that this destiny unfolds on the North Sea.

Located 17 kilometers to the north of Haarlem, the history of Holland remembers to Ijmuiden like a site inhabited from the Roman era. The archaeological findings indicate sometimes that even a great port had its roots in this region.

World War II transformed this strategic marine location into reason for destruction. Nevertheless, it did not do nor one hundred years since IJmuiden had been founded like so. Until then, she was well-known like Breesaap, a desert earth where a group of farmers was the unique inhabitants.

It was during second half of the century XIX, after which the Channel of the North Sea was constructed, that IJmuiden began to be developed. Its present appearance, reconstructed largely after the attacks of the Second War, respects its initial design, and is therefore the same that originally it adopted in 1876.

At present, the tourist industry is the main activity of IJmuiden and every time they are plus the trips that are supplied to this zone. Lukewarm waters and an sharp sun compose their landscape. Numerous supplies in the matter of entertainments and nocturnal life give the active character him that makes so popular. The lovers of the aquatic sports can make of this site a true paradise.

Restaurants and bars abound in IJmuiden. As much in located the most built-up part of the town like on sands of the beach, they are true temples of diversion and relax, besides privileged places to enjoy a typical Dutch plate. By the nights, the lights that are reflected in waters of the North Sea are a unique view to enjoy unforgettable vacations.

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