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Giethoorn, boat, channels

Located in the province of Overijssel, Giethoorn is well-known like Venice of the north, by its old tradition in the methods of circulating around the city. In the past, no car crossed its streets, and there were no routes for rollings in the old part. The channels were their unique one via of transport, and the boats constituted the soul of the life in the city.

Today, the things have changed, but the enchantment and the liking to furrow waters remain intact. Although the automobiles no longer are a peculiarity in Giethoorn, and its historical helmet was modernized with a series of footpaths for bicycles that have facilitated much the communication between distant places of the city, the channels continue being the urban arteries, besides important attractive a tourist one.

In fact, one of the options more popular than offers Giethoorn to enjoy a behind schedule unforgettable one is to realize a stroll in boat. The experts in the matter will be able to rent one of the typical red motor boats, or a boat to oar. One more a more romantic option is the one of punter, a flat basic gondola and cuts square that moves with the help of its passengers.

To travel in punter consists of “pushing? the bottom of the channel with a long cane so that it is impelled forwards. Without doubts, this last possibility requires of a quite sport spirit, but in fact it is not as difficult as it seems. Once the boat has begun to advance, inertia does the work simplest and everything what it is to enjoy an extremely original stroll.

Clear that also it is possible to count on the aid of experts guide who us in the route through the city. The organized trips are very advisable for those who wish to know more on history and key places Giethoorn, or simply for that prefer to relax and to let themselves take by waters of their channels.

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