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Archeon, Alphen aan give Rijn, thematic park

The tourist attractions of Holland do not leave of side the most anxious and wicked travelers who visit every year. Next, an funny and original thematic park, to enjoy in family the adventure and the fantasy.

The magical worlds of the Prehistory, the Roman time and the Medioevo summon up an unusual life in Archeon. This park located in Alphen aan give Rijn is one of most spectacular of Holland. Everything a parallel world seems to be developed in its interior, and to absolutely not know the technology and the ups and downs of modernity.

In the Prehistory, the cabins of the Age of Stone constituted whole towns, that lived on way very different from ours. The hunting and the fishing were necessary to obtain the food and the materials for the construction, and it turned them to this into expert craftsmen of arms of all type.

Also there is fight at the Roman time, but this time it is among them who fight the gladiators. A classic spectacle develops in Sands, and in the Temple the daily ceremonies of devotion to the Gods were as habitual as today it is it to watch at the mirror every morning.

And during the Medioevo, the most popular sports of launching of wild sow and shot to the arc hope by new personages with skill to dominate them. In addition, to construct a canoe will be the previous step to sail back by waters of centuries, and strongest they will be helpful for moving the immense rocks that are needed to construct dólmenes.

Clear that, as much work, without a doubt abre the appetite. What better than a time plate? The ribs and the chicken of main plates accompany with made bread the old way, and saborizada butter.

Practical information

  • Address: Archeonlaan 1 - 2408 ZB Alphen aan give Rijn
  • Entrances: adults, 15,90 Euros; children, 13,90 Euros; majors of 65 years, 14,90 Euros.
  • Schedule: every day, from 10,00 to 17,00 hs.

Popularity: 9% []

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