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Nieuweschans Fontana, relax, resorts, spa Holland

Fontana Nieuweschans Resort

For those who are quick to conclude one season shaken of work and wish vacations for the distension, Holland is an ideal destiny: their luxurious resorts with spas that offers all type of treatments for the physical and mental health will offer the so awaited rest and many pleasant proposals to renew energies. And he is quw many of the hotels in Holland are much more that simple hotels.

We will visit the first Elysium Health Resort, located in the city of Bleiswijk. One of his more famous characteristics is the ample variety of saunas that offers, many of thematic them, between whom some with therapies based on the light and the aromas are included, others dedicated to the meditation, saunas infrared and rooms of steam.

Who they prefer to take a bath, the possibilities go here from the warm water swimming pools to the baths of immersion in frozen water, ideals to enjoy after a session sauna. The Garden of Silencio is an irrevocable invitation to relax and the distension. In him sessions of Eastern massages are realized and factories of handling of stress are organized.

On the other hand, in the city of Nieuweschans is Nieuweschans Fontana, with services that include solar beds, beauty parlors, gymnasium and restaurant

Its thermal bath is a primaverales water river basin of 36 degrees of located temperature doors outside, and from him the gorgeous landscapes can be contemplated that surround to the complex while a repairing massage is taken. The park of Fontana counts on 12 hectares of footpaths, small shrubs and Lagos, designed especially to generate a sensation of peace and tranquility. The hotel of Fontana, the Golden Delicious Tulip Kuurhotel Fontana, is a residence of four stars and has direct connection with spa.

Thermae 2000, in Valkenburg, is resort futurist that offers an ample range of services that include saunas and thermal baths, provided by pure water sources that dates from it does 40 000 years! In center from beauty massages can be taken, corporal treatments and therapies with mud. The hotel of Thermae, the Thermaetel, that includes the breakfast and the free entrance to resort.

Practical information on Elysium

  • Address: 1, 2665 kooilaan KR Bleiswijk.
  • Telephone: (+31) (0) 10 524 11 66

Practical information on Fontana

  • Address: Weg to naar of Bron 3-9, 9693 GA Nieuweschans
  • Electronic mail:

Practical information on Thermae 2000

  • Address: Cauberg 25-27, 6301 BT Valkenburg.
  • Electronic mail:

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