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The mill Aurora, Doetinchen

The mill Aurora

Doetinchem is a city of the province of Gelderland, located to borders of the river Oude Ijssel. Their splendid architecture and the natural beauty surrounds that it makes of this perfect destiny to enjoy the free air and the recreation.

It abounds in interesting monuments to know and vestiges his larguísima history, that goes back to more than 11 thousand years back. In the prehistoric era it was already an inhabited territory, and since then countless towns have occupied the region: from celtas to Romans, and even vikingos, they left his tracks in Doeinchem.

City in 1236 was declared, but already from 1226 it had begun to be fortified. Four fore doors were constructed later, like the main mill, the Walmolen, located in the same embankment. Still their ruins in the place can be seen, like fragments of the wall.

Most of the strength and its doors remained still on until half-full of century XIX, when they were removed. Nevertheless, the historical air persists in the atmosphere, and this in spite of the numerous floods and fires that whipped to the city.

Between his main monuments, it emphasizes the Catharinakerk, or Church of Santa Catherine, located in the central place. It was reconstructed after the serious damages caused during World War II. The works lasted 15 years until giving back to the building their old splendor.

In addition, Doetinchem is home of two castles. One they is Of Kelder, and the other, more well-known, takes the name of Slangenburg. In this one last one rooms are rented for those who wish to stay themselves, a romantic and extremely interesting proposal.

Also there are in the city three mills. The first of them, in center urban one, is already mentioned Walmolen. In him the office of tourism of Doetinchem works. The other two are called Aurora and Benninkmolen, both abiertos to the public.

Photo Via: Commons Wikimedia

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