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The great dock of Oosterschelde is known like the Eighth Wonder of the World. She is one of great hydraulic works of the History of the Humanity, and the sample of which still some times the man is able to win to the forces of the Nature.

Great Dock of Oosterschelde 

The 1 of February of 1953 great floods caused in Holland 1,835 deads, more than 100,000 people to whom they had to evacuate and almost 200,000 hectares of lands that were under waters. Ideas began then to look for that palliated that one great catastrophe; docks able to contain the swellings of the North Sea. That one work comprised of the Plan Delta.

In Waterland Neelte Jans there are scale models and photographies on that one fight against the sea of that one Plan Delta. This space is located next to the great dock.

The great dock of Oosterschelde, that is in the province of Zeeland, has 66 pillars with more than 50 meters of height each and steel floodgates between these columns that regulate the entrance and exit of the water. The Eastern Scheldt Barrier is a barrier of 3 km. of length with 62 floodgates that always are half-opened and let pass the water constantly. Nevertheless, when the sea gets worse, then, in a maximum term of one hour, the floodgates are closed hermetically.

Nevertheless, the Plan Delta did not finish there. Three years had to be kneading and compacting the ground with a provided boat of vibrating rollers before constructing the dock. Once compacted it was necessary to invent a new material for I milk oceanic able to support the enormous pressure that would suppose the construction that was going to be realized. And if difficult it was to find the system, less difficult was not to install it, because there was of desarrollarseen ships, soon to take coiled them in boats, and with the low tide, to install them at heart of the sea. The following preoccupation was the 66 pillars that were to settle. Each pillar took a year in being constructed almost and had to fill up of sand to stabilize it. They arrive up to 30 meters below the Earth level in which they are sunk. Finally the floodgates, that were to be installed with marine cranes. All the dock of Oosterschelde took 10 years in being constructed.

Still nowadays it is acted on those zones that were affected by so great catastrophe. Still today one invests to time and money in the maintenance and construction of new docks. And if in Zeeland the greatest dock of the world were constructed, less important they were not the constructed ones in other places of Holland, like in Rotterdam.

But of this one and the Plan Delta, we will speak another day….

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  1. Hello:

    In order to respond to a question of how arriving at the most famous docks from Amsterdam, I will say that it is not difficult, because the Netherlands are very pequeñitos and have good communications. The best docks are in the province of Zeeland, being known and great the one Oosterscheldekering in Oostersheldem, to hardly 150 km. of Amsterdam, and so it is possible to be gone and to be returned in the day. In addition we can be approached the great dock of Rotterdam, the well-known one like Maeslant barrier, that is in bocana of the port of Rotterdam. Rotterdam hardly is 75 km. of Amsterdam. That is to say, that in car, and even in train, can be made a trip in the day to visit the zone of the docks.


    Javier Go'mez.

    Commentary by Javier Go'mez
    26-01-2008 @ 8:02 p.m.
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    Commentary by Vetlana
    08-07-2009 @ 12:24 p.m.

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