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The Hague, administrative capital of the Netherlands, stands out things among others for being monument home surprising of all the times. A visit to this charming city will not be complete without knowing some which is described next, true architectonic jewels, each with history and proper value.

Greater church of The Hague

Greater church of The Hague.

Grote Kerk is the Greater Church of The Hague, located in the Place Greater - or Groenmark-. It was constructed in 1450 and it was last rest of many remarkable citizens of the city: the poet and politician Constantiin Huygens, his son the scientist Christiaan Huygens, among others.

Are there the shields of arms of many of the horsemen of the Toíson of gold. Numerous weddings and real baptisms were carried out between the walls of the Grote Kerk, where today diverse cultural activities are developed. It is worth the pain to accede to the hexagonal tower: thence, to 100 meters of height, a fantastic view of the environs is obtained.

  • Address: Rond de Grote Kerk 1012.

Huis ten Bosch is the real castle, surrounded by the Haagse You - forest Has of It, a park of amazing beauty, ideal for a stroll in family. In 1899 the first conference of peace passed there and today it is the residence of the real family.

  • Address: Bezuidenhoutseweg.

Kloosterkerk is one old chapel that previously comprised of the Dominican monastery, demolished at the end of century XVI. Today she is one of the oldest churches of The Hague, and there to concerts and sung misas are developed worthy to be present at.

  • Address: Lange Voorbout 24.

Japanese Jard�n of The Hague.

Japanese garden of The Hague.

The Spinozahuis was the house and space of work of Baruch de Spinoza, an outstanding philosopher of Amsterdam of century XVII. He was professor of the university and it passed away in The Hague in 1677, where it arrived after being expelled from his place of origin by the Jewish community. It is an enclosure impregnated by the intellectual activity of Of Spinoza, and a very recommendable visit.

  • It can be visited making a reserve telephone 3605000.
  • Address: Paviljoenscracht 72.

The Japanese garden - Japanse Tuin- of the Clingendael park is a colorful constructed green space in 1896 under the orders of the Baroness van Brienen, who was enchanted with the Eastern botany due to her trip by Japan. The typical farolillos and the tea house create the climate unmistakable of the Japanese culture.

  • It abre to the public in May and June. Address: Wassenaarseweg.

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    please, they alquien could say to me if there is to pay entrance in the Greater church (Grote Kerk) of The Hague?

    Thank you very much

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  4. It seems to me that no, and in the case that if it will be little surely.

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