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The Foundation Ana Frank reclaimed the house in 1957 to fulfill the ideals that the famous newspaper of Ana Frank exposed in its pages.

Ana Frank was a young bean of 13 years that, next to their family and the family Go Daan, remained hidden during the German occupation of World War II in the attic of their house throughout a period of two years and a month (July 1942-August 1944). With the arrival of the Nazis, the family Frank, of Jewish beliefs, was itself forced to flee and the father of Ana, Otto Frank, runs of a herbolario, began to prepare a hiding place in the back part of the house who later would occupy hide-and-seek, making run the hoax of which they had left to live to Switzerland.

House of Ana Frank

To the refuge created by the father of Ana it was acceded through a revolving bookstore and were the employees of the herbolario who provided food, clothes and books that to read to the family Frank. In this refuge it is where Ana Frank wrote her newspaper in which she described so much the joys as the pains of his family, who waited for the arrival of the troops allied disembarked in Normandy.

The luck was truncated when a collaborator of the GESTAPO denounced the whereabouts of the family Frank. Ana was transferred to a concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen where only one week died of typhus before the German surrender. The unique survivor of the family was Otto Frank, his father, who to his return to Amsterdam, received the newspaper of his daughter already Ana of the hand of the old secretary of the familiar business and that assured that the Germans had left forgotten in the house-refuge in which they remained hidden.

In 1947, the father of Ana decided to publish the newspaper of his daughter under the name of Het Achterhuis, “the back house?, today translated to almost all the languages.

At the moment, in Amsterdam the house of Ana can be visited Frank in whom they remained hidden and the familiar business of the family Frank, although in 1957 it was on the verge of being demolished and it was avoided thanks to the opposition of the neighbors who created the foundation Ana Frank and transformed the house into a museum.

Ana Frank

In the house, located in the district of Prinsengracht and recovered in 1995, the memories of the two families are conserved who remained hidden in the refuge, as for example the cuts of magazines that kept Ana and her Margot sister. The refuge is an alive testimony of the happened thing and tries to be a denunciation against racism, fascism and nazism which the Jews were put under.

  • Schedules of the house of Ana Frank
    • Of the 15 of September to the 14 of March, 9 to 19 h.
    • Of the 15 of March to the 14 of September, 9 to 21 h. (Saturdays until the 22 h.)
    • Day 13 of March, 13 to 19 h.
    • Day 4 of May, 9 to 19 h.
    • Day 25 of December, 12 to 17 h.
    • Day 31 of December, 9 to 17 h.
    • Day 9 of October, closed
  • Prices of the entrances
    • Adults, 7.5 €
    • children up to 9 years, inclusively, free
    • from 10 to 17 years, 3.5 €
    • with young card, 3.5 €

A last recommendation: you go early to visit the house because the tails are crowded in front of their door to see it, and easily can pass a pair of hours to be able to enter.

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