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Coffee shop of Amsterdam

For many Amsterdam it is the city where all type of drugs can be consumed freely, a species of paradise underground and liberal. Then, you have to know that, in spite of the popular belief, the culture, the sale and the consumption of all type of drug are prohibited by the Dutch law.

The Netherlands apply from the decade of 1960 a hard policy in the matter of narcotics, but, actually, it makes distinction between hard and soft drugs. In this way, as much the dealer as the hard drug possessor risks to severe pains.

Nevertheless, in the case of soft drugs there is major tolerance, and of there that image that is had of Amsterdam. It is a tolerance that, without I engage the clutch, is oriented to fight the drug addiction and to separate to the occasional smokers from the average criminals offering the possibility from coffee shops.

Thus, the marijuana and the hashish are freely sold in hundreds of coffee shops, maintaining a nonmarginal place for their consumption. And paralelamente the government tries to palliate the dangers of the drug addicts (for themselves and the society) by means of the social attendance and the distribution of metadona and new hypodermic syringes in exchange for the used ones.

Apparently it is a system that works, since the population of hooked Dutch drug addicts to hard drugs is only of 1.6 each 1000 people, whereas in other countries of Europe, like France or Great Britain, that rate ascends to 2,5.

Nevertheless, from the EU he has pressed himself to the Netherlands, defendant to feed the market on drugs and to attract the dealers. By them the policy has become hardened and shops can only be consumed soft drugs in coffee.

And that yes, those premises will have to fulfill norms very strict: nothing of hard or chemical drugs, nothing of publicity, respect by the public order, prohibition to sell to juniors and to sell more than 5 g (in fact this it is the limit to be able to take above, because from this amount the carrier is exposed to strong sanctions). The controls to the premises, in addition, are frequent.

And it is that it is wanted to see reduced the number of these premises in the next years. So, as you see, Amsterdam and the Netherlands are not as much the dream of all smoker of porros but rather a form (different, that yes, of the rest of Europe) to limit their consumption indeed.

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